Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Scape Gaming 2

Gaming has been one of the most popular content on the internet nowadays - they are everywhere! Ranging from short free flash games, to long massive multiplayer online role playing games, to short advertisement games, to games on consoles, arcades, msn... and the list goes on.
Did you know there are plenty of ways to get free games, memberships, consoles and whatever games you want for free? Even if your parents don't want to buy it or you don't want to buy it? It is very easy nowadays...with huge technological advances. I will explain some of those ways on here for free.
Method one : Contests
Companies such as microsoft hold contests so you can earn free games or memberships. Microsolf holds many contests to win microsoft points and xbox live. Some people online do it for free, just do a simple search on google and you will find it.

Method two : GPT sites
These are sites which pay you to complete offers - signing up for websites, doing surveys, writing reviews etc. They are free but you have the option to pay for them. You can also invite people and you earn what they earn or a percent of what they earn. Some example of these sites that actually pay are cashlagoon, rewards1, cashcrate. Do a quick search on "GPT sites" on google to find out more.

Method three : PTC sites
Again, similar to the above (GPT sites). These sites pay you to click and view ads for a certain amount of time. Of course they won't pay you much at the beginning but as time goes by, it builds up so your earning potential is alot more than ordinary GPT sites. Inviting friends are also allowed and you earn what they earn or a fraction of what they earn too. Some example of these sites are neobux and upbux. Search 'PTC Sites' on google to find out more about them.
I hope you enjoyed reading these methods.
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